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Role-playing (RPG)
Navn Udgiver År Vurdering
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 20
Akalabeth: World of Doom California Pacific Computer 19
Akalabeth: World of Doom (1998 version) Origin 23
Alien Logic SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 19
Alone in the Dark 3 Infogrames 19
Anvil of Dawn New World Computing 35
Battlemaster Mirrorsoft 14
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception Infocom 15
Beyond Zork Infocom 21
BloodNet Microprose 17
Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven Tale Mindcraft Software 16
Border Zone Infocom 18
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 19
Burntime Max Design GesMBH 19
Captive Mindscape 17
Castle Master II: The Crypt Domark Software 18
Conan the Cimmerian Ukendt 16
Cosmic Soldier: Psychic War Kyodai Software Marketing 26
Crystals of Arborea Silmarils 16
Death Knights of Krynn SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 17
Demon's Winter SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 19
Dungeon Master JVC Musical Industries 23
Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep Interplay Entertainment 22
Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus Accolade 17
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon Strategic Simulations 10
God of Thunder Software Creations 16
Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II Encore 20
Heimdall Core Design 23
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of Worlds Core Design 17
Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest New World Computing 19
Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest New World Computing 0
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of Infinity Silmarils 19
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of Infinity Silmarils 0
Ishar: Legend of the Fortress Silmarils 15
Jones in the Fast Lane Sierra 19
KGB Virgin Entertainment 19
King's Bounty New World Computing 21
Knights of Legend Origin Systems 21
Laser Squad Ukendt 18
Legacy of the Ancients Electronic Arts 14
MAD TV Rainbow Arts 11
MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy Empire Software 14
MegaTraveller 2: Quest for the Ancients Empire Software 13
Midwinter Rainbird 21
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World Electronic Arts 20
Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen New World Computing 13
Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen New World Computing 17
Mines of Titan Infocom 18
Moebius: The Orb of Celestial Harmony Origin 15
Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight Mindscape 15
Mystic Towers Apogee Software 16
Phantasie 3: The Wrath of Nikademus SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 16
Prophecy of the Shadow Ukendt 13
Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Sierra On-Line 13
Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Sierra On-Line 0
Quest for Glory III: Wages of War Sierra On-Line 20
Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness Sierra On-Line 18
Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero Sierra On-Line 18
Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero Sierra On-Line 0
Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero Sierra On-Line 0
Questron II SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 18
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Sir-tech Software 13
Robinson's Requiem Silmarils 15
Rome: AD 92 Millennium Interactive Ltd. 16
Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic Electronic Arts 13
Sorcerian Sierra Entertainment 16
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Interplay Productions 15
Strife Velocity 15
System Shock Origin Systems 16
Telengard The Avalon Hill Game Company 15
The Adventures of Robin Hood Millennium Interactive Ltd. 22
The Bard's Tale Construction Set Interplay Productions 21
The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight Electronic Arts 14
The Elder Scrolls: Arena Bethesda Softworks 18
The Fates of Twinion Sierra On-Line 16
The Immortal Electronic Arts 16
The Magic Candle Mindcraft Software 21
The Magic Candle Mindcraft Software 0
The Seven Cities of Gold Electronic Arts 20
The Summoning SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 14
The Wizard's Castle Ukendt 14
Times of Lore Origin Systems 16
Treasures of the Savage Frontier U.S. Gold 13
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress Sierra On-Line 16
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Origin Systems 17
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Origin Systems 18
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Origin Systems 16
Ultima VI: The False Prophet Origin Systems 16
Ultima VII: Part Two - Serpent Isle Ukendt 15
Ultima VIII: Pagan Origin Systems 17
Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2 - Martian Dreams Ukendt 15
Unlimited Adventures SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 16
Visions of Aftermath: Boomtown Mindscape 16
Waxworks Accolade 14
Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge Ukendt 15
Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant Ukendt 15
Wizardry: The Return of Werdna - The Fourth Scenario Sir-tech Software 15
Wolf Sanctuary Woods, Inc. 18
Zeliard Sierra On-Line 19
ZZT Epic Games 15